Everything I’m About to Say Won’t Make You a Better Cook


Recently I have grown enchanted with the creativity involved in vegan cooking and dairy-free cooking.  My boyfriend is lactose-intolerant to some degree, and I am vegetarian.  This has severely limited our dinner menu choices as we stumble home exhausted from work or school.  We have been exploring vegan recipes and dairy-free substitutes to inspire ourselves to quick-and-tasty dinners.

It is always fun to whip up the next fun menu item that my boyfriend hasn’t been able to eat for years.  My boyfriend isn’t much of a cook, but I have been experimenting with my food since I got my hands onto a stove, some pots, some veggies, and some spices.  (For his birthday, I made dairy-free ice cream cake, dairy-free mozzarella sticks, and hard-shelled tacos.)

Many of my creations would be incredibly difficult to cook up in an evening without the vegan and dairy-free substitutes we now have at our fingertips.  As much as I am willing to try Tofutti Ricotta cheese, however, I am aware that these substitutes won’t make me a better cook.  Today I read a beautiful article and recipe at the Post Punk Kitchen titled Tofu Paprikas and Culinary Won’ts that describe my feelings exactly on relying on “fake” ingredients to vegan cuisine.

While I admire the Post Punk Kitchen’s attitude towards vegan cooking, I would still love to compile a set of reviews on various vegan and dairy-free substitutes.  I would also love to compile a set of reviews on vegan recipes, such as this recipe on Vegan Cake Batter Ice Cream Shakes I saw recently at Chocolate-Covered Katie.

Everything I’m about to say about cooking won’t make you a better cook, but the idea here is to explore the range of creativity with new and exotic foods and food substitutes.  Let the reviewing commence!

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